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Platinum Sable is the ideal false lash material, developed by our R&D team after detailed analysis and many tests. Platinum Sable Lash has the softest touch, better resilience, semi-permanent curl-shape and well-featured curl length. Platinum Sable is our masterpiece product with elegant and lustrous texture by minimum coatings, having excellent compatibility with adhesives.  Platinum Sable is flexible as feathers, and looks natural and beautiful, when it is applied on your own lashes, they are not distinguishable by their appearance. That is what professional lash stylists seek to design elegant and charming eyes.  Platinum Sable is far softer than existing silk or mink lashes, provides refined glossy look and classy lustrous textures. Its elastic curls are ever-lasting.

Platinum Sable Colors, the long-awaited color lashes are now debut. By mixing the color lashes, a combination of colors brings about various impressions.  It is the latest style that changes the color of eye lash extensions following the fashion trend, choose from our nuanced 15 color selections. The attached color recipes can help you to design color lashes.

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